Keeping your workers warm with winter with custom workwear

Workwear to stay warm this winter

As the nights draw in and the days are shorter the temperature plunges. It’s important to make sure that your teams are fitted out with the best workwear for the weather and their working environment.

Winter can throw all sorts of weather at us. Generally, the main battle for those working outdoors is to keep dry and warm. Finding the right workwear to meet those demands can be time-consuming and costly if you make the wrong choice. We are here to guide you on some of the choices you could make.

It’s not just about keeping your workforce comfortable, if they are working outdoors they are likely to be seen by the general public, a walking billboard for your brand! So it is important that you choose workwear that can be effectively branded with embroidery or print and that fits in well with your brand colours. In this sense, outdoor workwear should be considered as business uniforms.

The right type of clothing is key to managing comfort, and here we will show you some of the things to consider and the cold weather workwear options available.

Everything about your chosen workwear will affect your comfort in the cold, including choosing the right fabric and construction. We supply garments from multiple brands that are well known for their robust and comfortable workwear solutions, brands such as Regatta, PRO RTX, Russel, Portwest and Result amongst many others.

Windproof & Waterproof:

The outer layer is probably the most important when it comes to protection from the weather. With everything from comfy fleece jackets, to 100% waterproof coats, and even 3-in-1 jackets that are adaptable to all sorts of weather, we will have an outer layer solution that will fit your needs.

Personalised winter jackets are an all important addition to the workwear wardrobe

Protecting the extremities:

The head, the hands and even the feet are all important areas to consider. For the head, we have a vast array of tough and warm hats, often referred to as beanies, they look great when embroidered with your logo. Keep the hands warm and protected with our selection of workwear gloves. We have a selection of comfortable safety boots and shoes to protect and keep the feet warm.

Customised gear for the head, the hands and even the feet are all important areas to consider

Being Seen:

Hi-Vis is important for many workers at any time of year, but during the darker winter months, it’s particularly important. Hi-Vis clothing is critical for the safety of your team and helps to prevent workplace accidents and injuries. For winter we have many warm and waterproof options that will ensure that your workers will be seen by everyone around them.

Customised Hi-Vis clothing is critical for the safety of your team


For all winter workwear items, we provide excellent branding options to help your team look professional. You will have options to either print or embroider them with your logo.

Stay warm this winter, GoCustom Clothing has a large range of customisable clothing suitable for you and your team.

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