All the colours for garment cutomisation

All The Colours!

Whether it’s print or embroidery, you can have almost any colour under the sun.

In recent years technology for both printing and embroidery has changed the way we customise clothing dramatically.


Embroidery today is fully computerised which allows for intricate and colourful designs. Our multi-head industrial embroidery machines are capable of embroidering several colours into one design.

Here we see intricate embroidery examples which we have been
machined for Wraysholme Creamery and A Koi Enthusiast

The types and colours of thread available for embroidering our garments are almost infinite. Threads are also available in multiple thicknesses, we will choose the thickness relevant to the intricacy of the design to be embroidered. Additional options include recycled threads, matt finish, metallic, reflective and even glow in dark threads. We predominantly use threads from Madeira and will generally find a thread to match your business Pantone colours.


Some of the biggest advances in recent years has been with direct to garment (DTG) printing. Essentially this means that you can print almost anything directly onto your chosen textile, in a way it’s similar to ink-jet technology you may use on your colour printer at home.

DTG – Direct To Garment print technology

At GoCustom Clothing we also screen print, but when it comes to colours and screens there are some limitations. Each colour has to be applied as a separate layer, which means setting up multiple screens and then using a lengthy process to print each layer in turn, slowly building up the design. Generally, we won’t use more than 9 colours in screen printing. From a sustainability perspective, screen printing is usually done in bulk (meaning you may end up with unused stock), uses a lot of water and the inks used are mostly not biodegradable. Screen printing has many advantages, but if you are looking for lots of colours in a design, DTG is probably the correct method to use.

All the colours you can imagine can be printed by DTG

With very detailed designs and even photographs, DTG can be used to print without (almost) any colour constraints. When it comes to sustainability DTG wins hands down, you print-on-demand meaning you only produce exactly what you need or have sold, our printers use water-based vegan inks and have a very low carbon footprint compared to screen printing. So if you have lots of colours or an intricate design, DTG is the way to go.

You can talk to our sales team if you have further questions about achieving the colour schemes to match your brand or designs.


  1. I have an outer garment (wind proof jacket and would like the words “ Essex county as embroidered on the back is this something you can do
    I would obviously send the garment to you initially

    1. Hi Mike, Unfortunately, we are not able to accept customers’ own garments. This is because there is a small possibility that a garment may be damaged during production. If this happens with the garments we supply we can, of course, replace the garment at our cost. But we cannot replace a garment that you provide. The majority of garments we sell are also manufactured specifically for customisation, with special internal pockets which give us access to aid effective embroidery etc. We have a wide range of jackets available to customise

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