Helping the environment with our GOTS accreditation

Exciting news! GoCustom Clothing has made a significant leap forward in sustainable practices as we proudly announce our successful achievement of the Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) accreditation. This prestigious certification highlights the unwavering dedication to environmental and social responsibility in the textile and garment decoration industry.

When you come across textiles certified to GOTS, rest assured of its organic integrity and top-notch quality. This credibility is our promise to you, the consumer, showcasing our dedication to environmental responsibility, social ethics, and customer satisfaction. In a world where every little detail counts, GOTS serves as an invaluable guide for navigating the organic textile market.

What is GOTS?

The Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) was created by influential standard setters to establish globally recognised criteria for organic textiles. From the raw material harvesting to eco-conscious and socially responsible manufacturing to labelling, GOTS-certified textiles offer a trusted guarantee to consumers, ensuring their integrity and sustainability.

GOTS was brought into existence through the joint efforts of four prestigious organisations: the Organic Trade Association (OTA) from the USA, the Internationaler Verband der Naturtextilwirtschaft (IVN) from Germany, the Soil Association from the UK, and the Japan Organic Cotton Association (JOCA). Amongst these, IVN and JOCA represent the textile industry, while OTA and Soil Association have their roots in organic agriculture and food. Coming together, they bring a wealth of experience in advocating for ‘organic’, each having established their own processing standards for organic textiles. GOTS was born out of the need to harmonise these standards on an international scale. Collaborating with other relevant international stakeholders and experts, the GOTS organisation seeks feedback and input to ensure regular updates to its standards.

What processes are GOTS accredited at GoCustom?

  • DTG (Direct to Garment) printing process utilises water based NeoPigment™ inks that are not only non-hazardous and non-toxic but also environmentally friendly. By being a water-free printing system, it sets itself apart as the most eco-friendly printing solution available.
  • Embroidery – During the process of embroidery, all materials have been certified as 100% organic. Embroidery utilises only natural materials approved the highest industry standards.
  • Heat Transfer printing – Our printed transfers are created with sustainable materials that you can trust won’t harm the environment.

“We’re thrilled to receive the GOTS accreditation, it reflects our substantial efforts to embed sustainability into every facet of our business operations. By obtaining this certification, we’re not just aligning with global best practices, but also ensuring our customers can trust that our products are made to the highest ecological and social standards.” 

Angus Mitchell, Managing Director at GoCustom Clothing

What products are GOTS accredited?

Discovering sustainable options from a sea of brand choices can be overwhelming. But fear not! Our website has a dedicated section showcasing all our sustainable products. While many brands offer garments with eco-friendly credentials, not all of them offer GOTS certified products. However, Stanley/Stella, a brand that is leading the way in sustainably produced clothing and many of its products are officially GOTS accredited.

Stanley/Stella is all about embracing simplicity and honouring the incredible individuals who create their products, the environment, and you, the end customers. With 100% organic cotton used in many Stanley/Stella items, you can feel good about your choices. Not only are these products built to last and meticulously crafted, but GoCustom Clothing takes it a step further by customising each piece with DTG printing, heat transfer and embroidery. Let your creativity shine and leave your mark on this extraordinary and sustainable collection. GoCustom Clothing are pleased to be a Stanley/Stella Official Dealer.

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How to order GOTS certified products from us

To obtain a GOTS certified product from us, your order needs to meet the following criteria:

  • The chosen plain garments in the order must already have a GOTS label.
  • The decoration applied must be one or a combination of Embroidery, Heat Transfer or DTG Direct-To-Garment printing. Screen Printing is not currently available with GOTS certification, though we are working on this for the future.

When you purchase GOTS certified products from us, you are ordering products with traceability that ensures environmentally friendly and socially responsible garments. By ordering GOTS certified products, you’ll be ahead in terms of implementing quality and sustainability measures as set by international standards with recognised credibility. Furthermore, using GOTS certified products will help your company stand out and could help to differentiate yourself from the competition.

Making it known to the world that your company is distinguishing itself will allow you to tout sustainability as part of promoting your business – thus increasing overall satisfaction amongst customers!

If you are looking for products and services with GOTS traceability, please talk to our customer service team. If you want to know more about GOTS you can head over to their website.

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If you’re interested in getting your sustainable GOTS accredited clothing, why not check out our great bundles offers? You get free embroidery or print for your design!

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