Comfortable Plus Size Workwear: An Inclusive Approach for Everyone at Work

In today’s diverse and inclusive world, the importance of comfortable and well-fitted workwear for all team members, regardless of their size or body shape, cannot be overstated. The clothes we wear significantly impact our mood, productivity, and overall job satisfaction. This blog post delves into the essential workwear garments for all employees. We will also evaluate these items based on their features, such as fabric and size ranges, and provide recommendations for you.

Why Comfort Matters in Workwear

Comfortable clothes can boost productivity. When employees wear clothes that are suitable for their size or body type, they can focus more on their tasks without the distraction of feeling constricted or uncomfortable. Moreover, when people can wear clothes they’re comfortable and confident in, morale is higher, and people are more productive overall.

Navigating the Essential Workwear Garments


  • Jackets are crucial for outdoor workers or those working in colder environments. They should offer a good fit, be durable, and provide sufficient insulation. Plus-sized options often include additional features to ensure comfort, such as adjustable waistbands and extra room in the chest and arms.


  • Gilets provide a perfect source of insulation for outdoor workers. Not only are they light weight and comfortable, but they also allow for complete freedom of movement for the arms. As opposed to thicker jackets, gilets safeguard your body heat whilst allowing you free access to carry out any outdoor works or activities. This makes gilets ideal for people with long arms who struggle finding jackets/coats that fit don’t their arms correctly.

Waterproof Coats

  • Good waterproof outerwear can be especially important depending on your job – such as if you work outdoors in the rain or have to come in contact with water frequently. Breathability is a huge must when selecting this type of apparel.

Shirts and Blouses

  • Shirts and blouses are fundamental pieces of workwear. They should be breathable, easy to move in, and available in a variety of sizes to accommodate different body proportions.

Hi-Vis Clothing

  • These garments are essential for safety in many industries. It’s crucial that they fit well to not impede movement. Many manufacturers now offer inclusive sizing in hi-vis clothing, ensuring safety and comfort for all employees.

Newer Types of Inclusive Workplace Attire


  • A staple of casual wear, hoodies have found their way into the workplace as well, especially in more relaxed environments. They offer comfort and warmth, and when designed well, can be just as professional-looking as a jacket or blouse.


  • Joggers provide the perfect blend of comfort and functionality. They’re ideal for roles that require a lot of movement or standing and can be easily paired with other pieces of workwear.

5 Tips for Selecting Workwear

When selecting workwear, consider the nature of your work, the climate, and the tasks you’ll be performing. For instance, if you’re standing a lot, opt for comfortable, supportive shoes. If you’re working outdoors, prioritise weather-appropriate clothing. Always remember – comfort and fit are key.

  1. Finding workwear that will fit everyone on your team and make them feel like part of the team, can be difficult! Luckily, there are brands out there who offer plus size workwear options that can be customised with your company logo. Take the time to look for companies that suit your needs and that will ensure everybody, no matter their size, feels represented within your team.
  2. When you’re working long hours, comfort should always come first! Opt for breathable fabrics like cotton to keep you feeling great even during those marathon workdays. Not only is cotton lightweight, but it’s also durable and helps your body stay at a comfortable temperature. You’ll feel more comfortable and get the job done in style!
  3. Layering is one of the hottest fashion trends and for good reason – it’s an instant way to boost any outfit’s versatility and style. Sweatshirts and gilets are great layering pieces, perfect for creating an adaptable work wardrobe. Not sure where to start? Check out our recent blog post for handy layering tips and information. We break it down step by step so you can achieve the look you want. A few minutes of reading could turn you into a layering expert! So, take a few seconds to hit the link and find out how you can create a statement look with layering.
  4. When looking for a professional outfit, consider dark colours such as black, navy and charcoal grey. These colours are very slimming and sure to make you look your best. Plus you’ll have an air of sophistication and sense of style. Going for the dark colours is a great way to make everyone take notice of your finely crafted outfit. When these shades are pulled together the effect you achieve showcases sharp, crispness and makes a bold statement. For true fashion savvy, choose dark and enjoy all the looks your wardrobe can bring your way.
  5. At GoCustom Clothing, we suggest ordering samples from suppliers so you can try them on. By taking this approach, you can make an educated decision based on what you see, feel, and try on! And when you order from us, you can be sure that you’re in safe hands – we offer free returns for plain garments, so you can buy knowing that you’re backed by an unbeatable satisfaction guarantee.

Brands to consider

ØRN Clothing

ØRN is dedicated to creating exceptional workwear. By utilising responsibly sourced, top-quality fabrics and implementing meticulous craftsmanship, they design and produce workwear that embodies sustainability for the planet, ethical practices for your customers, and superior quality for your wearers. They also offer sizes up to 10XL, waist sizes up to 60” and shirt collar sizes up to 23”.


Uneek is a brand that is all about offering clothes that are long lasting and cost effective. Uneek has any and everything they need in their wide selection of colour, design, and sizes to fit all individuals. No matter who you are, Uneek has something simply for everyone!


ProRTX produces incredibly reliable work garments and safety apparel, crafted specifically for those working in demanding conditions and environments. Our collection features an extensive range of items to meet needs of all kinds, from professional work clothes to items designed with advanced visibility features.

Build Your Brand

If you’re looking for well-made garments, Build Your Brand is an excellent choice. They don’t specialise in workwear but offer a variety of high-quality clothing. One of their best offerings are their t-shirts, which come in a range of generous sizes, to fit almost anyone. So, if you’ve been on the lookout for t-shirts that provide the perfect fit, then Build Your Brand is the perfect place to start.


Premier Workwear is committed to providing high quality staff uniforms for professionals around the world. Your staff’s image is a direct representation of your business. That is why we design tailor made uniforms that elevate the look of your employees no matter the industry. Premier offer a wide range of sizing options for men and women including sizes up to 6XL and size 30 respectively.

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In conclusion, the evolution of workwear has brought about a much-needed shift towards inclusivity and comfort for all body sizes. As we continue to embrace this change, it’s important to remember that the ultimate goal is to ensure that everyone feels comfortable, confident, and productive in their work attire.
We understand how important it is to look polished and professional when representing your company. That’s why we are able to provide a variety of garment shapes and sizes so everyone can have the perfect fit! Whether you need T-Shirts, polos, trousers or hi-vis; we can customise it for you! Now you can look great while showing off your company’s logo!

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